A Brit living in the Netherlands. I do things.
9–5 I'm a project manager in the financial sector. The rest of the time I can be found reading, writing, photographing & sharing ideas.
So what do I do?
Project Management

I spend my days as a project manager for financial companies.

Educated as a computer scientist at Cardiff University, I started my career in software development before moving into business analysis. In 2014 I moved into project management.

Working in the finance sector since day zero, I’m constantly seeking opportunities to further my development: honing generalist skills while specialising within the sector.

You can find me on LinkedIn.


I have a passion for finding and sharing ideas, associations and mental models.

Lone Gunman is where, between 2008 and 2012, I collected and discussed ideas on business, psychology, technology and much more. It’s the intersections between these topics that I find most interesting.

I’ve had praise/mentions from 37signalsKottkeGet Rich Slowlymental_floss and hundreds more sites and people.

Lower-brow, bite-size curios can be found at micro.Lone Gunman. I’m on Twitter as @fakelvis.



I’m not a “photographer”, but I do enjoy photography.

I bought myself a Canon EOS 350D in July 2006; I’ve had a camera on me ever since. I love learning about photography: not just how to improve, but the technology, science and history.

You can see a selection of my photographs on Flickr.

My photographs have been featured in a number of prestigious publications, including:


Life, speaking, projects, other.

Born in South WalesUK, I lived in Cardiff for over seven years. I now live in the Netherlands, splitting my time between Amsterdam and Utrecht (both firmly in the Randstad).

Public speaking is a skill I continuously hone through my membership to a local Toastmasters International group. I spoke at the second O’Reilly Ignite event to be held in the UK. My speech–Vines and Minds: The Psychology of Wine–was a featured presentation on Slideshare and has been seen by over 1,000 people.

I love interesting projects and remarkable people. I plan on becoming one of the latter via the former.