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Welcome. You have stumbled upon the Internet's premiere Neighbours website: The Centre for Study into the Possibility of a Neighbours Omnibus (CenSPoNO)

Here at CenSPoNO we are determined in exposing the facts regarding the logistics of producing and airing an omnibus of this great show.

After exhaustive researching on this extensive matter, we at CenSPoNO are proud to release our White Paper on this subject. It has been determined that an omnibus is indeed a real possibility and given certain sacrifices and under various criteria, could be achieved in the near future. Below, we present to you the definitive article.
Full report: HTML Word (.doc) PDF
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CenSPoNO are unwaveringly determined to see the dream of a Neighbours omnibus become a reality and so have created an online petition that, when sufficient signatures have been gathered, will be presented to the BBC in a lobby to bring this vision to the screen. If you are with us (or not) in that you would like to see this become a reality, please click below to visit and sign this online petition.

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Please remember, this is a serious petition and signing with an erroneous name and or email address will invalidate the petition and thus the entire cause. Please be sensible and sign only once but to boost the numbers, tell your friends and get them to sign too. If you would like to add more weight to this petition please do get in contact. A simple email saying you support this cause goes a long way in the world of activism. It shows people are willing to put their time to a cause, even if an email does take a few seconds to write.

Please fight for your right to watch what you want, when you want. The pen is mightier than the sword - sign this petition... NOW!

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